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Our UN-approved products are used in numerous industries such as Agrochemicals, Industrial, Food, Chemicals and Pharmaceuticals. All Taiko Drum Industries plastic drums are extrusion blow moulded from high molecular weight, high density polyethylene (HMW-HDPE) in ONE operation, using the very latest technology.

The end result is a rigid plastic container - light in weight, yet exceptionally tough - providing reliable, high performance, UN rated dangerous goods packaging, even under the most rigorous operating conditions imaginable.

The user-friendly Taiko Open Top Drum comes in many sizes with a snap lock metal gripper and stopper to act as a security seal for better locking performace.

Usage: Solid Products
Standard Size: 30, 60, 80, 125, 160 and 214 litres
Available Colours: Blue and Black

(1.4MB) for Product Specifications


The patented HDPE L-Ring is renowned internationally as the most successful, large size blow moulded packaging product using the single operation technology. UN Approved SG 1.2 to SG 1.9.

Usage: Liquid Products
Standard Size: 220 litres
Available Colours: Blue and Yellow

(1.2MB) for Product Specifications

Taiko Drum Industries is the first company in Southeast Asia to produce this drum using the latest Mauser co-extrusion technology. The outer coloured layer shields the packaged goods from harmful UV rays whereas the inner layer is kept totally neutral. This allows a strict separation of contact between the packaged product and the plastic coloring. The result is a super high purity drum, perfect for use in the food, chemical, cosmetic, pharmaceutical and electronic applications.

Usage: Liquid Products
Standard Size: 220 litres
Available Colours: Blue

(1.2MB) for Product Specifications
• 45L - Open Top (Screw-on), Available Colours: Blue and Black
• 50L - Tighthead Drum, Available colours: Blue and Black
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